About Mad Karma

Born: 2007
Home: East Bay - Northern California
Style of Original Music: Retro Power-Pop Rock

Style of Cover Music: From Modern to Classic spanning the last 40 years of hits

Mad Karma is:

Dave Gold - guitars, backing vocals, biz stuff
Eric Woodman - lead guitar, talk box
Bill Bledsoe - drums, backing vox
Ron Rubio - Lead vocals, Ambassador to the crowd
Nick Decena - bass, vocals


The word "Mad" can mean, well, "Mad" as in "pissed off" or it can mean "Good", like that guitarist has "Mad" skills or "Mad" can mean just pure "Crazy."  Whichever interpretation floats your boat, Mad Karma fathered this retro-power-pop rock band and is overseeing their journey. 

Born in 2007 from the Northern California streets of the East Bay, Mad Karma focuses on delivering high-energy, live performances and throwing a memorable party for the weekend warrior in attendence. Mixing an array of danceable covers with a twist of catchy originals, the band does their best to leave it all on stage, every show. With the release of their self-titled, full-length debut album, the band is also busy introducing slices of their original material to an audience who likes their rock n' roll upbeat, straightforward and without gimmicks.

The band consists of Dave Gold (guitars, backing vox, business stuff), Eric Woodman (lead guitar, talkbox), Ron Rubio (lead vocals, ambassador to the crowd), Bill Bledsoe (drums, backing vox), and Nick Decena (bass, vocals).  "The band shares a deep knowledge, fascination and child-like enthusiasm for the truly great bands in music history", exclaims one avid band follower. "I've often heard the guys talking about band documentarys and laughing about the ones covering competely dysfunctional band experiences". Corroborating this quote, a few of the guys haromized ... "Yea, in this business you've got to have a sense of humor for the wacky family that is a band". 

If the reviews of Mad Karma's cover-centric performances and original CD are any indication, Mad Karma's family seems to be functioning on a high level. According to Rhonda Readence of Review You, "Lead vocalist Ron Rubio has a classic voice reminiscent of Jon Bon Jovi or pehaps a smoother Sammy Hagar. The band's album is full of rhythmic guitar work, intelligent lyrics and excellent musicianship throughout." Critiquing the band's popular single, "Kiss on Me", TAXI comments, "... it is engaging, and pulls the listenier in. The vocals are compelling, and the passion comes across to the listener. The song structure is tight ... pure pop rock"!

Tracks on "Mad Karma" include splashes of Peter-Frampton-made-famous Talk Box, kazoo, harmonica, and ramblings from 3:00a.m. recording sessions at ManCave Studio. Lyrics range from the sexiness of "Kiss on Me" to the vampiric feel of "Daylight No Good" to the personal tragedy and karma of "Circle of Life". Critic Readence may have captured the feel of this band best when she wrote; "Mad Karma is more than likely one of those rare bands that sounds even better playing live than on their studio cuts. And that's saying something considering the quality of music on their studio album."